Sixth Circular
26th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics (TEXAS 2012)

General information

. Find the complete program of Texas2012 in its webpage, where it is also possible to download the Abstract Book.

. Notice that there will be a brief opening ceremony on Sunday at 8h30.

. Registration fee: who is paying it in Brazil, we call your attention that it will be only possible to pay it in cash and in the Brazilian currency (reais).

. Local and Transport: in one finds the directions to Texas 2012.

. Weather: moist, sparse showers, and temperatures of ~ 20 - 30 oC (70-90 oF) throughout Texas 2012.

. Plug adapter: Brazil has its own standard on outlets, although some other standards might fit. Have a look at A universal adapter can be easily found at airport stores or in the Ibirapuera shopping center across the street from the hotel.

. Voltage: in general 110 V and 220V at the convention center

. Hints: For your daily (small) expenses in Brazil consider to have something around 100 reais / day. Notice that credit cards are widely accepted anywhere.
Some restaurants/bars/taxis already charge you 10% service fee, take a look at the bill. So it is not common to leave additional tip unless you consider that the service was really good.

We look forward to seeing you in Sampa.

J.C.N. de Araujo
Texas 2012 - São Paulo - Brazil