Invited Speakers
Confirmed Invited Plenary Speakers:

Jaan Einasto - "Dark Matter and Alternative Models"

Tiziana Di Matteo - "Large-Scale Structure, Galaxy and SMBH Formation and Growth, and the Milky Way Case"

Jonathan McKinney - "Relativistic Jets and Cosmic Magnetic Fields"

Ludo van Waerbeke - "Gravitational Lensing"

Francis Halzen - "Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics"

Emanuele Berti - "Astrophysical tests of general relativity in the strong-field regime"

Marco Tavani - "Gamma ray Astronomy from GeV to TeV Energies"

Ehud Nakar - "Electromagnetic Signals that Accompany Neutron Stars Mergers, Supernova Shock Break Out and Low Luminosity GRBs"

Sandro Mereghetti - "Pulsars and Magnetars"

Carlos Lousto - "Binary Black Hole Mergers in Numerical General Relativistic Astrophysics"

Fiona Harrison - "Astrophysics with the First Hard X-ray Imaging Telescopes: NuSTAR and the Future ASTRO-H"

Karl-Heinz Kampert - "Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays: Theory, Results, and Prospects"

Reuven Opher - "Challenges of Relativistic Astrophysics"

Alberto Sesana - "Gravitational-Wave Detection using Laser Interferometer Systems and Pulsar Timing Arrays"

Patrick Brady - "Gravitational Wave Observatories: the science they are telling us already and the LOOCUP Project"

Vincent Fish - "New Frontiers in Relativistic Astrophysics: The Event Horizon Telescope and other Future Projects/Missions"

Suvi Gezari - "Tidal Disruption Events"

José Ademir Sales Lima - "The Accelerating Universe: Dark Energy and Alternative Models"

Adam Burrow - "Core-Collapse Supernovae"

John Carlstrom - "CMB"

Virginia Trimble - "The Ideas of Texas Past"

Roger Blandford - "Crab Pulsar/Nebula"

Keith Olive - "LHC Results and Their Impact to Cosmology"

Carlos Cunha - "Dark Energy Survey (DES)"