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My hobbies involve music and martial arts. My interests in music are diverse, I am an amateur classical guitarist and really like Brazilian music in general. My musical activities are currently mainly linked to classical music and choro. If you are interested, visit the Conversa de Cordas website (in portuguese...).

Since I was a child, my parents encouraged me to practice sports, so I've practiced several modalities. The sports I invested the most time in in my life were judo and rowing. I've always liked martial arts and tried many of them, but judo was my "regular" martial art for many years.

In 1999 I was reintroduced to jiu jitsu, which I practiced until 2007, dividing my time between both arts. I participated in several São Paulo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu championships in the master category, with some very good results. I also trained Krav-Maga, from 2010 to 2018, when I had a serious knee injury. I currently try to keep my body active as much as my busy life allows...

Sala 45 Edifício CEA "novo", Av. dos Astronautas,1.758 - Jd. Granja - CEP 12227-010

Fone: 55-12-3208-7197

São José dos Campos - SP - Brasil

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