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This is mainly done in portuguese.... however, I will list briefly what I do and will leave the PowerPoint presentations to those interested.

  • Talks and seminars in schools and at INPE´s miniobservatory.

  • Coordination, with Drs. João Batista Canalle, Jaime da Rocha and Prof. Nuricel Villalonga Aguilera, of the Brazilian team that goes to the International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO), in

    • 2002 (Caucasus - Nizhnij Arkhiz)

    • 2003 (Stockholm, Sweden)

    • 2004 (Simeiz, Crymea, Ukraine)

    • 2006 (Mumbai, India)

    • 2007 (Simeiz, Crymea, Ukraine)

  • Production of some astronomy teaching tutorials with Jatila van der Veen, from UCSB. Go visit her CMB website. It is great!!!

  • Participation in the Teaching Comission of the Brazilian Astronomical Society (CESAB), from 1996 to 2000.

  • Organization and teaching, since 1998, in the Introductory Course of Astronomy and Astrophysics (Curso de Introdução à Astronomia e Astrofísica - CIAA), for elementary and high school teachers and undergraduate students. I have taught Cosmology since 1998 and, in 2006, I was invited to teach The Solar System chapter. The material I prepared (text, PPT and some workshop material - all in portuguese, sorry...) can be found here.

  • Following my hobby as a guitar player, I prepared a text about the Physics of Music and presented it in some Meetings in Physics Education in Brazil. The text can be found here.

Interesting papers

  • Some of them I really enjoyed, some others I wrote myself...

  • The material used for the presentation about the relation between astrology and science can be found here. There is also a number of good papers in English in this link.

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