2017 Mar
Acquisition of mechanical barrels of main optics (Finep)
Optical elements of the collimator, cameras, and autoguider arrived at INPE
2017 Feb
Main optics ready to be shipped (Rainbow)
2016 Dec
INCT-A acquired computers and monitors
2016 Nov
Polarimetric optics procurement (INPE)
2016 Aug
Finep approved funding to finish SPARC4
2016 Jan
Fapemig (Luciano Fraga) approved acquisition of computers and data storage
2015 Nov
Main optics procurement (INPE)
2015 July
Scientific cameras arrived at INPE
2015 Mar
Dichroics arrived at LNA
2014 Dec
INPE approved acquisition of main optics (collimator, cameras, autoguider)
2013 Nov
INPE approved acquisition of scientific cameras
2013 May
First acquisition: dichroic splitters - LNA + INPE
2012 August
Conceptual Design Review
2012 July
Fapesp approval of the project funding extension
2012 July
Poster presented at SPIE: Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation (see prooceedings)
2011 May
Approval of the funding of the Conceptual Design by Fapesp
2011 February
Resubmission to Fapesp of the project for funding the Conceptual Design of SPARC4
2010 March 08
Presentation about SPARC4 in the workshop "OPD, SOAR e Gemini: Passado, presente e futuro"
2010 January 23
Submission of a proposal to Fapesp to funding the CoDR phase.
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